Affordable Payment Options for Your Dental Procedures

At Black Canyon Dental we treat all of our patients the same. Our goal is to try and step into your shoes to understand how we can help you the most. We treat our patients like they are a part of our family and help them answer questions like, “How am I going to afford this?”

How much does a procedure cost?

We will sit down with you and explain your treatment options. This will include an explanation of what we expect your insurance to cover, any discounts you can take advantage of, and your estimated cost for the procedure.

What types of insurance does Black Canyon Dental accept?

We accept all major insurances and most PPOs. Please talk to our friendly staff about your insurance to see if we accept your insurance plan.

What will you submit to my insurance company?

We will submit all claims to your insurance company on your behalf after the procedure.  Your insurance company will then make payment to Black Canyon Dental for the services provided in our office. We do the best we can to accurately estimate what your insurance will cover. At times this can be more or less than our estimation. After the procedure, and once we hear back from your insurance provider, we will know if there is anything that is still outstanding.

The CareCredit™ Advantage

We Help You Be Prepared for Your Unexpected Dental Needs

Get the financial support you need to take care of your dental procedures. Black Canyon Dental offers CareCredit™, a healthcare credit card that can help cover a portion or all of your costs for your whole family.

CareCredit™ is our in house financing option that allows you to make payments and break up the cost of your dental procedure.

How do I apply?

Our office staff can help you apply in minutes online or you can apply on your own here:

If you apply online and are approved, please come in and tell the office that you are approved.

Once you complete the application and are approved we will help you schedule your appointment at that time so that you know when the procedure will be done.

How do I know if I need CareCredit™?

If you have a procedure for $300 or more, CareCredit™ could help you cover it. Also, if you would like to make payments for a dental procedure that you or a family member needs, CareCredit™ will allow you to do that.