Keep Your Natural Teeth with Restorative Dental Procedures from Black Canyon Dental

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and sometimes they need help staying healthy or they need additional support to recover after an injury. We understand the importance of getting your restorative dental procedures done by someone you trust. Dr. Reardon and Dr. Johnson are committed to partnering with their patients to find the right solution that works for you and your family.

We will always talk to you about any procedures that we think will help improve your dental health and discuss what your insurance might cover and what you will be responsible for.

How Black Canyon Dental Helps Restore Your Dental Health

Tooth Colored Fillings

Our restorative tooth colored fillings are a resin mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Tooth colored fillings are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.

Get Long Term Value and One Day Procedures with CEREC® Crowns

What is the old fashioned way of creating crowns?

Since most people in their adult lives have needed at least one or two crowns, they know that the process involved is very cumbersome. Normally, when a patient visits the dentist for treatment through a crown, the dentist first numbs the particular tooth so that the crown can fit onto the preparation. Then a mold or an impression of that preparation is made.

Once this is done, the impression or the mold is sent to the lab for fabrication. In the meantime, the patient will be given a temporary restoration which is to be worn for one to two weeks until the lab fabricates the original restoration. The problem with the temporary restoration is that it is very weak and it comes off easily.

It could be very annoying if such a temporary restoration falls out.

Discover the CEREC® Difference

With CEREC®, patients don’t need to undergo this hassle at all. With the CEREC® system, instead of taking an impression of the tooth, the dentist scans the tooth with a computer camera device and designs the crown on the computer screen. Following this, the crown is milled from a high grade ceramic material. Once the machine milling is complete, the dentist will immediately place the crown on to the tooth. The beauty of all of this is that the entire process can be done in a single appointment.

The reduced use of time for the entire process makes the CEREC® system ideal for patients with busy professional and personal lives. Normally, patients can watch a movie and even before the credits are done the entire procedure would be done and over with. Unlike in the past, a patient will not have to deal with the numbing of the tooth, handling a temporary crown and make return visits to the dentist.

The CEREC® system is all about convenience, and delivering a quality restoration without any compromise in a short period of time.

Enjoy Long Lasting Results with CEREC® Porcelain Restorations

CEREC® “same day crowns” offer an excellent solution for people who wish to minimize their visits to the dentist’s office. But many people tend to think that “same day crowns” may not be as effective or as long lasting as conventional crowns. However, the truth is that there is no difference between the durability of conventional crowns and “same day crowns.” “Same day crowns” are made faster because of the computer-aided technology that helps the dentist fabricate the crown quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. It has nothing to do with the quality of the crown. The durability of the crown depends on the quality of the material used for making it. We now have beautiful ceramic materials to choose from that will deliver very long lasting results because of their excellent durability.

Root Canals: Learn How You Can Potentially Save Your Teeth with a Root Canal

When the pulp inside of your tooth is injured or infected, root canals can help save the tooth. The pulp can die due to a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, problems with large fillings, or serious injury to the tooth.

To reduce the chance of pain and swelling the pulp needs to be removed. At Black Canyon Dental we can help you save your tooth with a root canal to support the tooth and/or crown.

How long will the restored tooth last?

A tooth with a root canal can last many years, however, it needs to be treated like your other teeth with daily cleaning and regular exams

Periodontal Disease: Learn How Black Canyon Dental Can Help with Periodontal Treatments

Prevent Periodontal Disease